Team and project work

Case studies

The case studies below are in PDF-format. If you are a consultant or facilitator and you are interested in sharing your case study - contact us.

Integration and Business Processes Clarification: Research-Oriented Pharmaceutical Company.

Jacob S. Christensen (SANDCHRISTENSEN Consulting Company) gives an overview of challenges facing a rapidly growing organization and the way they were addressed during the company’s first, collective meeting. The classical DI seminar was used to get to know each other and establish a shared premise for discussing the company’s key business processes.



Diversity Icebreaker applied in a “refresher crew resource management course” for Rotary Wing pilots

Jon Lars Syversen is a consultant with years long experience working with personnel in the aviation industry. In this case, he describes the application of the Diversity Icebreaker in order to get beneath the theoretical models on human errors and beneath the technical explanations; this in order create awareness on how individuals and pilot crews have different approaches, preferences and cognitive styles. Diversity Icebreaker was applied to create reflections on how different preferences represent assets and challenges in different areas of pilot operations.


An HR Department´s use of the Diversity Icebreaker

The case study is written by Bjørn Z. Ekelund and it describes how an experienced and competent HR environment was acquainted with the Diversity Icebreaker and, with help of Human Factors, how it designed an implementation of the tool in a broad, multilevel organizational perspective. The client described in the case is a retail organization distributing oil & gas.