Human Factors AS, in Norway

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Lilleakervn 8, NO-0283 Oslo, NORWAY

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P.O.Box 86 Lilleaker
NO-0216 Oslo, NORWAY

Hemsida: www.human-factors.no

Vi levererar material och stöd direkt till kunder och lokala distributörer över hela världen och samordnar forskning och utveckling av produkterna. Vi svarar gärna på dina frågor.



International knowledge network

In addition to 2000+ registered Diversity Icebreaker users worldwide, we have established an exclusive cooperation with approx. 35 DI users. These are practitioners with many years of experience facilitating group processes, organizational development, and teaching. Many members of this group have academic affiliations and does research. This groups aids us in further development, translations and research related to the Diversity Icebreaker. See list of members here: