Bok 2008

A 2008 collection of research and articles on the Diversity Icebreaker edited by Bjørn Z. Ekelund and Eva Langvik (2nd ed., 179 pages).

The book combines separate papers that have been presented at different conferences as well as elsewhere unpublished empirical data.

Part one

This part starts with a presentation of the instrument, and is followed by a description of the typical form of running seminars with Diversity Icebreaker. (An updated version of the seminar description is now updated in User Manual) Then a description of the categories related to the instrument is provided. Finally, part one also offers norm data and scientific documentation with a focus on descriptive statistics.


Part two

Part two of the book is a collection of different works on the DI Instrument. Several authors have contributed in this part. The two first chapters (six and seven) in part two relate the dimensions of Diversity Icebreaker to Big 5 personality dimensions and to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Chapter eight focus on how the dimensions in the Diversity Icebreaker are related to leadership evaluation. The application of the concept in different countries and in cross cultural training is the focus of chapter nine. Chapter ten looks at the concept from the perspective of social construction of teams. Then a chapter that focuses on how diversity can add value in teams and organizations follows (eleven). The last, chapter twelve, brings in new perspectives where marketing again is in focus, but now on the issues of ”brand personality”.