Based on the Diversity Icebreaker (DI) online questionnaire



  • For facilitators:

    Add value to your DI workshops by including the Premium feedback in follow-up activities.


  • For individual users:

    Develop a more holistic self-understanding and enhance your competence to interact.


Premium feedback is also suitable for individual work without the workshop.


Additional cost per person
Only EUR 10 (USD 11) + VAT. See more under "Price" at the bottom of the page.








What do you get with premium

in addition to red, blue, and green scores?


  1. Personal, extended profile description of the specific combination of one’s first and second color. Advice on how to approach the third color.

  2. Color-based tips and information relevant for: communication, managing conflict and dilemmas, blind-zones, teamwork, and more – based on research, theory, and years of consultative experience.

  3. A broader statistical analysis of the results. 



New possibilities


  • A more effective team and organizational development: participants continue developing their competencies on their own also after the workshop.
  • Personal competence development on demand: employees can use Premium wherever and whenever they want, individually or with others, with regards to areas of their interest.
  • Premium feedback makes DI more relevant for selection, onboarding processes, as well as coaching.







Access after the workshop

Facilitator decides when to share Premium access code with the participants – typically after the workshop. 



Online and downloadable report

Premium feedback is available only with the online version of the DI questionnaire. It can be read on both mobile devices and PC/Mac and (from May, 2022) a PDF version of the personal report can also be downloaded for print etc.



Free guide for facilitators


Download free PDF
A practical guide for Premium feedback with answers to frequently asked questions, ideas for application, group tasks, etc.




The questionnaire (online) offers as usual 15 languages.
The premium feedback section is currently available in:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian




A little extra cost for a considerable upgrade
  • For organizations and consultants purchasing for 2 or more users:
    Only EUR 10/USD 11 more than the DI questionnaire’s regular price.

    Applicable discounts: 20% for 100 or more users and 50% for students.
    See prices and order here

  • For individual purchase (only 1 user) EUR 48,5. Order here



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